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While the cars are great…

…it’s the people that make this such a great racket. Case in point: last weekend Craig (from MyRideIsMe.com) was rounding up hands to help in stripping his ’63 Falcon wagon in preparation for a full-on makeover. And by golly, when the local boys call for help, I’m there. Occasionally, it’s good to put down the pens and stylus and turn a wrench or two… it keeps you grounded in the real stuff… the stuff that got you into this business to begin with.

…and there we were, a small group that would grow to over a dozen before night’s end, attacking the car with near-Overhaulin’ precision, save for the most stubborn windshield on planet Earth (more on my glass nemesis later). What was to be a simple transmission swap was quickly escalted to a “while we’re at it…” sort of project.. which means “look for some concept art soon”.

That Craig sure knows how to pick friends, huh? From “Falcon Master” Mike (a walking encyclopaedia of all things Falcon and Comet-based) to Racin’ Dave (runner-up in Super Street this year at Fontana (and 0.054 seconds from a Wally!!), to the always handy and knowledgeable Rob (who brought his killer bobber truck over and aired it out, as if that thing needed any more attitude!), you’d think we had all bases covered.


Dave and his charming wife popped in before heading to a graduation party to offer moral support, and before we knew it, there was Joe and Joel and Devin grabbing tools and jumping in. I mention all of these folks because it’s what makes this hobby so great: The people. All of us are from different backgrounds, lives, careers… Yet we share the common car bond. It’s that great equalizer, that certain “something” that brings people togteher and gets everyone reaching for a common goal.

When Doug (of Squeeg’s Rod and Kustom) popped in (with Sammy and Moose from the shop in tow, following a trek to Southern California to pick up a Woody), all of that “car guy” stuff became clear. Here’s a pro builder of the highest degree, wrenching on a local car. No glory in this, just stripping away what needed to go, and getting the ball rolling. It’s just that whole “you’re building a car? I’m THERE!” mentality that happens to come across between car people. It’s the late nights spent in a garage, covered in grease and bondo dust that creates memories, and makes it all so damn cool to be a part of…

Anyway, this is where it sits for now… Look or more on this project as we build steam, and get the old girl rolling once more…


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Economic Stimulus Plan…

Problem Child Kustoms Studio-style.

I got to thinking about it, and figured I’d do my part as we head into some unsure financial times… None of this “we’ll cash your IRS refund check and give you a gift card” crap. Nah… not our speed, nor our position to do so.

Rather, I figured I’d slash our t-shirts to cost, and make sure that we’re not only moving ’em out where they belong, on bodies at shows and cruises, but keep it all affordable.

Here’s but one of the designs available:

On that note, hope all is well with anyone looking in, and if you’re looking for some new threads for the show and cruise season, click on over to the online store on my site, and grab a few.

Enjoy the Spring, and by golly, hang in there. Thanks again…

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New PCK Studio Apparel!

Here’s just a sample of what we’ve got avaialble in our Zazzle storefront! Click an image to see more details, as well as other designs!








…and more available at Zazzle.com/PCKStudio

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